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Limerick Suicide Watch

The group’s main focus is to keep eyes on the river, and identify and provide support to those in distress and who may be contemplating suicide.
As part of our Suicide awareness programme and our Community outreach programme we visit schools, colleges, places of work and local Communities to provide support, promote positive mental health and encourage conversation around mental health and suicide.
Our Patrol teams are on duty Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday night and we cover nights such as Christmas night, New years eve, Junior and leaving cert result nights and so on.
We can be active 7 nights a week with our outreach and awareness programmes.
We are a volunteer group that depends on donations from the public and fundraising events to help fund training, safety equipment and the day to day operation of the group. We are a group that has high ambition and are currently looking at options for the future to further support the people we meet.
Our Public Relations Officer can be contacted by email at – limericksuicidewatchpro@gmail.com
If you would like to donate to the group, see the link below and thank you.

LSW Committee & Officers 2021/22:

  • Yvonne Cook: Chairperson
  • Alex Henriques: Vice Chairperson
  • Shirley Johnston: Secretary
  • Ann Slattery: Treasurer
  • Elaine Fitzpatrick Leahy: PRO (Public Relations Officer)
  • Joan Forde: Welfare Coordinator



  • Tom Sheehan: Health and Safety Officer
  • Linda Callan: Equipment Officer
  • Sarah Culhane: Training Officer
  • Tim Hourigan: Training Officer
  • Denis Healy: Recruitment Officer
  • Helena Hanrahan: Recruitment Officer
  • Stacey Markham: Child Protection Officer & Intervention Reports
  • Jennifer O’Sullivan: First Aid Officer
  • Kate Flynn: Welfare Officer
  • Liga Kalnina: Welfare Officer
  • Richie Ryan: Welfare Officer
  • Sarah J. McMahon: Welfare Officer
  • Gary Ledger: Welfare Officer
  • Mark O’Shaughnessy: Patrol Roster Coordinator

‘Story’ is a very user friendly link which allows anyone to anonymously tell their story, whether positive or negative
What we hope to achieve is that people can open up and possibly get a bit off their mind and in return we can gather the anonymous data and use it to better understand people’s needs or see how people are positively managing dealing with the current challenging times

Your Help Could Save A Life

We are a volunteer group that depend on donations from the public and fundraising events to fund uniforms, jackets, PFD’s (personal Flotation devices) etc. If you would like to donate to the group, we have set up a donation page here.

Over the coming months we will be working hard to grow the patrol to bigger numbers and more nights.   Any funds that we receive at this time will be used to work towards the securing of a permanent home for Limerick Suicide Watch and used to fund other potential projects that fall within our scope including awareness around mental health and suicide  prevention .

Thanks to the generosity of the public we at Limerick Suicide Watch would like to take this opportunity to let people know that we have adequate funds to cover our operational costs for the coming 1-2 year period.  This includes for patrol equipment and gear, full insurance for our members, continuous training, and the day to day running of the office and base as it currently stands.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everybody that has helped and supported LSW and has made it the success that it is today.

Thank you for your support!

Registered Charity Number 20152482:

CHY Number 22024

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Become A Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with us, however, due to a high volume of interest recently, we are not accepting new volunteer applicants at this time.

We will update this page once we start recruiting again.

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Please note we do not run a counselling or suicide prevention telephone or email service.  


Unit 3, Tait Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick

Registered Charity Number (RCN) 230152482

CNY Number 22024